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Everyone claims to do everything.
We don’t.

We focus on delivering strategic and unique value to our customers in targeted areas:
from the end point to the cloud, with connections and infrastructure in between.

We call this ID Perspective

It is comprised of our IT Strategy, Acquisition Strategy, Technology Selection, and Service Delivery. 


Acquisition strategy is a defining pillar in our approach to Accelerating Simplicity. How our customers select the right contracts to acquire technology, determine the right capitalized model for acquisition, and ensure risk and performance are aligned, is paramount to the process. ID Technologies has a 30-year history of pairing technical capability with the right acquisition strategy for maximized customers outcomes. As a responsible IT Integrator, ID Technologies holds over 20 Government Prime contracts that allows us the flexibility to scope each engagement with the appropriate acquisition contract, method, and performance metrics.

  1. Contract Vehicle.

    Selecting the right contract vehicle to transact technology acquisitions is a challenge. The scope, terms, and flexibility to procure vary based on each acquisition. At ID Technologies, we have a portfolio of contracts that allow for flexibility in making the best contractual decisions.
  2. Purpose Chosen Acquisition Type.

    Whether our customers want to transact procurement’s through traditional capital expenditures (CapEx), time and material, or firm fixed price engagement, or explore procurement’s in an As-a-Service model, ID Technologies has the right contract experience and financial depth to craft acquisitions that are best suited for each customers mission.
  3. Transactional Agility.

    From the procurement perspective, many agencies are hindered by processes that restrict acquisition speed. At ID Technologies, we focus on accelerated time to value, and work in-line with our customers to break down those barriers through our decades of experience. Our teams focus on the core challenges of acquisition complexity: technology, performance, scope, and budget. By working at the core of these complexities, we break down the risk of each, and recommend acquisitions methods that bring speed to mission delivery.


ID Technologies takes a very deliberate approach to the technology partners we recommend to our customers. We use three core tenants when selecting the vendors we recommend to customers:

  1. Technical relevancy to customer mission.

    We partner with companies that focus on meaningful differentiation and solving actual customer problems. Too often, ID Technologies sees features and functions being developed for advertising features, not actual customer problems. Our technology partners are the best in the world at the problems they solve.
  2. Accelerated time to value.

    ID Technologies only selects technology partners that have a proven track record of delivering solutions quickly and efficiently. Capabilities that are not deployed bring no value to the mission. We use technology that can be put to use!
  3. Security as a first principle.

    It’s a dangerous world, and hope is not a strategy for security in the cyber arena. ID Technologies focuses on technology partners that recognize this principle and engineer security into products as a basic necessity.


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End Point.

Where the rubber meets the road and where the service meets the user – the end point device is the access point for end users to complete their mission. ID Technologies offers a wide variety of vendors and form factors, including ruggedized and tactical, to meet any requirement for any agency. ID Technologies also offers a full suite of services, including logistics, configuration, and deployment, to accelerate getting the tech in the hands of the people that need it the most.


ID Technologies covers the breadth and depth of end point applications, available in a variety of consumption models. From cloud based to offline access, from productivity to cyber operations, ID technologies has your mission covered. ID Technologies also offers implementation, customization, and development services to augment or create mission capability.


ID Technologies partners at the end point are carefully vetted to provide the most powerful and secure systems on the planet. ID Technologies can meet any mission need. From AI enabled workstations to tactical mobility, ID has your mission covered.


The average enterprise has several hardware baselines, in many versions. When you factor in the dozens or hundreds of applications available to end users, it's no wonder so many agencies struggle with the most fundamental discipline of IT. Management starts with insight, and ID Technologies specializes in management platforms that automate discovery and use AI to corral the complexity of asset and configuration management. Let ID Tec help your enterprise make the right decisions for end point management.


The end point is the gateway to the enterprise, and the addition of cloud based software services complicates the security story at the user. As agencies and organizations shift to a posture of Cyber Resilience, the proliferation of security stories makes the security decision incredibly complicated. ID Technologies is here to help – we help customers see through the hype and make security decisions based on value, effectiveness, and ease of implementation. Security isn’t optional – we might as well make it effective.


At the core of it all, your enterprise networks connect your users and devices to your cloud services and data – either in the home office or a global mission network. ID Technologies understands the complexity of the network and the pivotal role it plays in the success of your mission.


Datacenter or Campus, Wired or Wireless, the local network is the backbone of enterprise services and distribution. With modern technologies blurring the lines between the metro and campus LANS, and the advent of a zero-trust model, choosing a network vendor is no longer an “easy” button. ID Technologies partners with industry bellweathers as well as cutting edge technology providers to help customers design the right solution for their budget and mission. Let ID Technologies assist with the design, deployment, and operations.


Data is always at the highest risk when it is being transported across a network. While the security challenges are different at the various levels of the network, the principals are the same. ID Technologies network security partners are chosen for their practicality, completeness of capability, and responsiveness to emerging security threats. With the attitude that sometimes the best defensive is a good offense, ID Technologies offers full threat hunting, red and blue team, and comprehensive Cyber Assessment capabilities.


The WAN isn’t just for internet, file, and print anymore. Rich collaboration solutions, cloud services, and sensor data (especially video) have combined to put pressure on the WAN like never before. As agencies move in the direction of corporate networks and diversify their bandwidth sources, the software defined WAN becomes key in enabling agencies to meet their mission.


Ask 5 IT professionals what cloud is, and you will get 6 different answers. It seems like every year there are new cloud computing modes. Combine those with massive top down pressure to get to the “cloud,” and it’s no wonder that cloud is top of mind for difficulty and criticality for IT leadership. ID Technologies has a very clear point of view on cloud and its relevance to the federal computing environment – The mission comes first, and “cloud” computing solves some problems while creating others. A clear eyed view of the capabilities and compromises of the cloud market allows ID Technologies to assist agencies with cloud adoption and migration.


ID Technologies understands the reality of cloud at scale: The problems of security compliance and financial controls combined with a highly distributed user community creates unique problems. We can help your agency implement federated multi-tenant solutions that don’t get in the way of your organizations’ cloud adoption.


The ability to dynamically scale computing based on demand is the most valuable aspect of the cloud paradigm, but how customers consume and manage these computing resources is incredibly complex. ID Technologies assists our customers in deploying and managing these computing resources, avoiding stranded capacity and excess pend.


How do you drive adoption in the cloud? How do you link your users with the resources that they need in your private and public clouds? ID Technologies has a unique perspective on the orchestration of cloud services – enabling the “one click” experience that truly drives uptake of a new and often challenging paradigm.


How do you secure the cloud? Short answer, the same way you secure anything else: The thoughtful application of security controls that don’t interfere with the mission. ID Technologies specializes in cloud security that grows with your mission without requiring a sea of change in security approach.


Of all the decisions that are made, the cloud storage strategy has the largest impact on the success of cloud migrations. The cloud industry is pushing customers to go “all-in” with their storage platforms because they love a captive customer. ID Technologies cloud storage solution lets our customer have their cake and eat it too: offering compelling value and performance, without the lock-in associated with mainstream cloud providers.