Secure Voice and Text App
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The first secure and certified mobile communications app


SteelBox® is a secure communication solution for U.S. Government agencies requiring end-to-end encryption of voice calls and instant messages. It is the first secure and certified mobile communications app that enables government officials to use smartphones to text and make calls without fear of eavesdropping or data compromise.


It’s Secure. Simple. Seamless.

Steelbox delivers a government cloud-hosted, FedRAMP-certified, secure mobile tenant environment. Authorized users simply download the SteelBox secure app directly from the app store or have it sent to their device via a government-authorized Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution. Once authenticated, the SteelBox app allows users to make encrypted phone calls and send encrypted messages securely and conveniently.

▪ Uses cellular data or wi-fi (when defined ports are open)
▪ Can be used on either iOS or Android devices
▪ High voice quality
▪ Optimized HD audio CODECS are supported even on lower bandwidth cellular protocols


SteelBox security begins at the device level.


The SteelBox servers are hosted in a multi-tenant Microsoft Azure Government Cloud, FedRAMP High, Impact Level 4 environment. The secure servers act as "traffic cops" to route incoming calls and messages to and from end-user smartphones and provides encryption for Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI).


The SteelBox app will not run on rooted or jailbroken mobile devices. Once the secure activation process has been performed, SteelBox leverages the National Security Agency’s (NSA’s) Commercial National Security Algorithm (CNSA) encryption standard to ensure that each call and message is encrypted with unique AES-256, P-384 elliptic-curve crypto keys.


Steelbox Key Features

Easy & Intuitive to Use

The app is easy to use and intuitive to use and offers high-quality voice on both wifi and cellular data.
Records ACT Compliance

For the first time officials can meet Federal Records Act requirements for mobile messaging and cell phone metadata without having to engage cellular service providers.

PSTN Breakout

Call from Steelbox App out to public phone network numbers.
Enterprise Integration

On-premise deployment can be easily integrated into your enterprise telephone system making it the perfect addition to a secure working environment.

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