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Let us tell you

Who we are.

We have been an IT partner to the US Federal Government for over twenty years, operating first as Intelligent Decisions and now as ID Technologies. While the government agencies we work with have IT issues in common, many of the challenges we address are unique to one customer. We learn from each mission we support, but never assume that what works for one will work for others. We take great care to ensure that the enabling technologies we deliver reflect their exceptional circumstances, driven by how their people work and what they must be able to do to succeed, ever mindful of the cost drivers that impact everyone.

That’s how we bring our mission to Accelerate Simplicity to life for our Federal Government customers, doing everything possible to get the right capability into the hands of the people who really need it in a timeframe that works for them.

Our Guiding Principles.


We work with proven capabilities we know will outperform the market and at lower cost.


We make the value of IT spend more quickly accessible to the customer.

Customer Relevance

We work only with partners whose products and approach align with the unique contexts and goals of our customers.

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In Our Approach.

Over the years we’ve been working with the government, we’ve refined the art of listening to our customers. We make it our job to know what they need to get better at, what’s hampering their progress, what success looks like to them and what they really need from their industry partners. That contextual understanding gives us a head start in resolving their issues with practical and usable IT solutions, combining capability and security with the best time-to-value approach to suit their specific contexts and mission goals. We always seek a pragmatic balance between technology and process, project and enterprise and cost and performance drivers.

Our Markets.

ID Technologies has a proud track record in the service of the Federal Government. We support agencies across the defense, intelligence and Federal Civilian communities that are uniquely accountable for services and missions critical to the nation. The heavy responsibility they bear informs everything we do.

Who We Serve.

Department of Defense

Federal Civilian