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Introducing The Archon Solution Suite

Simplify Your Data Security Protocol By Deploying The Complete Security Solution: The Archon Suite.

Intel® UHD Graphics 620 with Displayport over USB Type-C with Core i7 vPro

16GB, 2x8GB, 2400MHz DDR4 Memory

M.2 256GB SATA Class 20 Solid State Drive

14.0” FHD (1920 x 1080) Anti-Glare, HD CAM/Mic, WWAN/ WLAN, Mag Alloy back, Non Touch

What is Zero Vulnerability?











Introducing the world’s first turnkey CSfC complete mobility solution – Archon ZV. With zero vulnerabilities, it’s the world’s first unhackable laptop!

The Archon ZV platform combines security and reliability of the world’s most secure operating system, INTEGRITY, with the utility and flexibility of commercial mobility devices to create a personal security appliance allowing security models like NSA Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) capability packages to be deployed in the factory, without the cost, complexity, and management overhead of currently available solutions.

Outer Firewall Authenticates Archon Client

Outer VPN Gateway IPSec tunnel created

Grey Firewall Authenticates connection from outer VPN

Inner VPN Gateway IPsec tunnel created

Inner Firewall authenticates connection from inner VPN

How It Works

  • The world’s only EAL 6+ certified operations kernel
  • The NSA CSfC capability packages create secure connections and data at rest for one or multiple environments
  • Works beyond the internet connection, we have you covered with a variety of frequency support for the true tactical edge – including disconnected operations
  • Archon’s laptop interface runs all current applications providing a seamless user experience
  • Zero-trust, customized security operating environment
  • High assurance operations and eliminates configuration by explicitly defining what exactly the system can do, not what it can’t
  • Once defined, there is zero deviation from the security policy
  • Security is invisible to the end-users and sustainable for the IT support teams


How Do We Make Sure Your Data STAYS Protected?

Factory installed, use case specific security policy means zero vulnerabilities from improper configuration.

Runs any common client operating system or application, including Windows®, Linux®, Android®, and Posix® compliant native applications

Premium client hardware runs any client applications so there’s no mission you can’t execute

Depending on capability package specified, Archon can be deployed and operational anywhere on the planet and on any network, redefining global mobility

Watch Tim Healy, VP of Strategy & Operations, speak to the unparalleled benefits of Archon given his background at the FBI. 

“The capabilities with Archon is multiple. One, it provides mobility because it’s a laptop. Two, it’s a hack proof laptop. What do I mean by that? It has the highest certification from NSA, and it’s the only one that has that certification that I’m aware of for that type of security … Archon and the ability for agents to be mobile is part of what Archon’s all about. I have a son that’s an FBI agent. With the FBI’s purchase of Archon and using the Archon laptop, his life is going to be marketably different than mine.”

Archon Cloud Storage

What Is Archon Cloud Storage?

The next generation of highly optimized and secure cloud services.

What would you do if your storage platform was fast AND cheap? Archon Cloud Storage provides cost effective storage that can also be deployed as a ‘private vault’. The cloud storage system architecture utilizes a purpose-built file system and leading-edge disk drive technology, ensuring significant cost reduction and performance improvements relative to other cloud storage services. Archon CS uses a highly scalable and distributed architecture with no single point of failure and exists on purpose-built software deployed on commercially-available hardware that includes servers, disk drives and networking equipment.

How It Works

  • Purpose-built file system leveraging leading-edge drive technology
  • Incredible performance with exceptional pricing drives innovation
  • Fully managed storage solution, no patching, maintenance, or warranty work required
  • Advanced multi-tenant support for private cloud deployments
  • High performance architecture supports fast restore, not just backup
  • Ideal for Video, IOT, and Machine Learning
  • Public cloud or private data center deployment options
  • Initial capacity starts at 22 PB, expandable on premise to exabyte scale storage
  • Advanced capacity reporting, planning, and performance metrics delivered through included console


How Do We Make Sure Your Data STAYS Protected?

Built For Scale, Durability
Security And Compliance

All Data Encrypted At Rest And
Integrity Checked Every 90 Days

Immutability Feature Prevents
Accidental Deletion/Modification

Certified For Compliance &
Deployed In Top-Tier Data Centers

Archon Cloud Fabric

What is Archon Cloud Fabric?

Secure. Legacy System Compatible. Super High Speed. Carrier Agnostic. Up to 90% less expensive. Others would have you believe it can’t be done. It can.

Introducing Archon CF: Cloud Fabric – a super high speed, low latency, secure path to the Cloud that doesn’t require the infrastructure investment and high risk associated with existing Secure Cloud Access packages. Available everywhere the Internet is, Archon CF can be layered into your existing IT architecture to provide CSfC Cloud access. And, with the ability to move, migrate and balance load in real time, its maximum flexibility also ensures dramatically lower cost.

How It Works

By combining Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN), Performance Hubs and private circuits, Archon CF: Cloud Fabric delivers a true hybrid cloud solution.

  • SD-WAN overlays existing and new infrastructure and allows ability to quickly leverage broadband
  • Performance Hubs create consolidated points of presence that use public Internet to augment private MPLS networks and ride the fiber backbone of the Internet
  • Private cables connect Performance Hubs and Cloud Services
  • All WAN traffic is encrypted with AES-256 to ensure security while making the Internet work like a private line
  • Ride the Internet backbone


How Do We Make Sure Your Data STAYS Protected?

Carrier Agnostic

Zero Touch Provisioning

Dramatically Boost
Application Performance

Slash Networking Costs

Dedicated High Bandwidth

Low Latency