Partnership Opportunities

Grow your business, access new markets, and meet an expanded array of customer needs.

Archon Secure Partnership Options

Providing multiple partnership options, so you can pick the best structure for where your organization is right now.



If you are interested in directly reselling Archon platform components, we can work with you to structure a program that helps you meet your goals.
Become a Reseller
Referral Partners
If you don’t want to be responsible for selling the solution, but simply want to ensure your customers can access our products, we can structure a referral program.
Become a Partner
A great option for system integrators, you can purchase Archon products or services at discounted rates, build them directly into your solutions, and charge for them as you see fit.
Become an OEM Partner
For individuals in foreign markets, or markets where Archon does not have a presence, we look to utilize Agents to help us sell in their local markets.
Become an Agent

Generate new revenue streams


Differentiate your offerings with Archon Secure products and solutions. Expand your offerings to include top-of-the-line security solutions for remote work or external network access.


Provide your customers with solutions for:


  • Secure remote work

  • Supply chain security

  • Secure file sharing

  • Secure site-to-site communication


Sales and marketing tools


Drive sales faster with our partner-ready sales and marketing material. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to close sales. Our team is your team!


  • Partnership branding

  • Sales and marketing content

  • Datasheets and technical information

Access markets that require the highest levels of security


Archon is NIAP compliant and CSfC certified, providing you the ability to serve exclusive government markets. It can be used to communicate both classified and unclassified data, allowing you to create solutions for the most sensitive of applications.


  • CSfC-Approved

  • NIAP Certified

  • Commercial National Security Algorithms (CNSA) Level Cryptography
Archon supports channel partners.

When you join Archon's
channel partner
program, you will receive:


  • Commissions on sales of all hardware and software
  • Support for direct sales
  • Marketing tools
  • Partnership branding
  • Early alerts about new product releases
  • Invitations to beta programs
  • Access to partner-only events and education 
Become a Partner
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