Simplify CSfC Compliance with an Internal Retransmission (IRD)

A laptop-embedded router for connecting to untrusted Wi-Fi, cellular, and wired networks.

Archon SideArm


The Archon SideArm internal retransmission device (IRD) is a self-contained router (wired, wireless, and LTE) integrated right into the Archon ZV laptop.

With its processor, memory, Wi-Fi chip, LTE chip, and separate firewalls for Wi-Fi, cellular, and Ethernet, Archon SideArm performs network address translation (NAT), port forwarding, packet filtering, and protocol breaks as specified in the MA-CP. Archon SideArm is designed to meet MA CP draft version 2.4 requirements as well as the requirements expected in version 2.5

The Archon SideArm Difference:


Enforced compliance with CSfC MA-CP

The laptop cannot connect to a network without going through the Archon SideArm IRD
Enhanced security

The Archon SideArm IRD is assembled in the U.S., and updates are delivered over the air from a secure management server, preventing accidental or deliberate configuration changes.
Convenient operator experience

No need to carry an external IRD that can be lost, stolen, or damaged.

Integrated into the Archon ZV platform

The Archon ZV platform is an NSA CSfC-compliant laptop, bringing the highly secure Lenox system and Archon SideArm IRD to a commercial mobility device.

Based on a any laptop, the Archon ZV with Archon Sidearm offers: 


Archon ZV enables operators to connect securely over untrusted networks via the Archon SideArm IRD.


The Archon ZV is configured at the factory for your requirements and eliminates improper configuration vulnerabilities 


Supports all mission applications running on Windows, Linux, Android, or POSIX.


Archon ZV platform
What is CSfC?

The U.S. government increasingly requires the immediate use of the market’s most advanced commercial hardware and software technologies within National Security Systems (NSS) to achieve mission objectives.

That’s why NSA/CSS has established the Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) program: To leverage commercial products for layered solutions that protect restricted NSS information.

Utilizing innovations from the commercial marketplace allows U.S. government agencies to securely communicate through systems that can be deployed in the field in months, not years.

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What Level of Secure Connection Do I Need?

Building the right infrastructure for secure communications is never a one-size-fits-all project. The types of information, who you are, who you’re communicating to, and how secure the connection needs to be all play huge roles in determining the right blend of technology to support your needs.

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