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Working securely at your edge with the best laptop for cyber security.
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Mobile personnel working with sensitive and classified information can’t risk identity disclosure or information leakage. They need a mobile device that enables them to work efficiently while protecting against operating system vulnerabilities, configuration errors, errant or malicious code, traffic sniffing, location tracking, and other threats.

The NSA had this requirement in mind when it created the Commercial Solution for Classified (CSfC) Mobile Access Capability Package (MACP).

But most of today’s CSfC compliant portable devices are expensive, complicated to use in the field, and difficult to roll out and manage at scale.


The Archon (ZV) platform realizes the promise of the CSfC MACP, building on a Dell Latitude laptop to create a zero-trust operating environment with customized security:

Pre-configured laptop with integrated hardware:

High assurance operating system

A highly secure Linux based operating system serves as the platform for separate immutable virtual machines hosting captive portal, inner and outer VPN’s environment.
Internal retransmission requirements experience

Agency-specific cryptographic services and security policies are embedded in the hardware during the US-based factory process. Settings such as allowed tasks, edge network connectivity, and offline operation can only be changed over the air, not by users. We whitelist authorized tasks rather than black-listing prohibited tasks for a higher level of assurance.
Obfuscation of the user device and the destination server

Optional Archon CAMO software routes transmissions from the device through a unique multi-hop path each session, adding another layer of encryption at each hop. Adversaries monitoring traffic leaving the laptop can’t see the destination server; adversaries monitoring government servers can’t see the device at the other end of the connection.

Pre-configured CSfC Laptop with Integrated Hardware


We meet with you to understand your mission requirements, including allowed tasks, edge network connectivity, and offline operation.



Laptops are configured with your security policy at the factory-tailored for individual teams or users if needed and then shipped to you.


Users can begin using the pre-configured laptop in minutes as soon as they download a certificate.



Personnel need little or no training because security does not alter the user experience. The Archon ZV laptop supports any mission applications running on Windows, Linux, Android, or POSIX



Configuration can only be modified over the air by your team or us. Use Archon Manager to make updates over the air, including certificate renewals. Users can’t change the configuration, providing.




The Archon ZV Difference:


Archon’s SideArm retransmission device is integrated into the laptop chassis, ensuring compliance and saving personnel from carrying a separate device.
Connection Not required

Network Connection is not required. We can configure the Archon ZV to operate as a thin client, thick client, or both.
Rapid rollout at scale

The Archon ZV laptop is shipped pre-configured. It’s ready to use out of the box in minutes.
Over-the-air operating system updates

Update Archon ZV laptops anywhere in the world as soon as new code is available from a security management server. Not waiting for personnel to bring their device to a central location reduces the window of vulnerability and increases ROI.
What is CSfC?

The U.S. government increasingly requires the immediate use of the market’s most advanced commercial hardware and software technologies within National Security Systems (NSS) to achieve mission objectives.

That’s why NSA/CSS has established the Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) program: To leverage commercial products for layered solutions that protect restricted NSS information.

Utilizing innovations from the commercial marketplace allows U.S. government agencies to securely communicate through systems that can be deployed in the field in months, not years.

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What Level of Secure Connection Do I Need?

Building the right infrastructure for secure communications is never a one-size-fits-all project. The types of information, who you are, who you’re communicating to, and how secure the connection needs to be all play huge roles in determining the right blend of technology to support your needs.

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