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Archon's CSfC Certification

The Complete NSA CSfC Guide

Your ultimate resources for building an NSA CSfC approved solution.


What you'll learn:

  • Which CSfC Capability Package your solution best fits with;
  • The process of combining components to build an NSA CSfC solution;
  • How to get your final commercial solution approved and registered with the CSfC;
  • Using a Trusted Integrator to build your solution;
  • What you should expect from CSfC component vendors; and
  • The requirements for maintaining your CSfC solution approval.

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Additional CSfC Articles

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CSfC Solutions for Military Communications Equipment

Review examples of how we’ve helped build CSfC solutions for military communication equipment.
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CSfC Mobile Access Capability Package Architecture Examples

Are you considering building a CSfC Mobile Access solution, but not sure where to start? Browse through some of our architecture examples for ideas or starting points for your own solution.
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Navigating the CSfC Components List

Learn how to navigate the CSfC components list, more about the current protection profiles and technology categories, and how new protection profiles are released.
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CSfC Case Studies

Learn about how we've worked with clients to build CSfC Approved communication + network solution for your organization starts with Archon Secure's hardware, services, and device solutions.

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DoD Communications For Classified Networks

Archon Secure implemented as a secure, portable, low cost, high-bandwidth VPN for CSfC communications campus-wide.
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Securing Mobile Communications For Comms Kits

Archon Secure provides a low cost, high bandwidth solution to protect data, voice and video communications in comms kits.
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Pre-Recorded Roundtable

How to Choose the Right NSA CSfC Trusted Integrator

With over 50+ NSA-approved Trusted Integrators, how can you make sure you choose the right one? We sat down with Will Robinson, Army Chief Strategist at Dell Technologies and Mike Maice, CTO at Archon to discuss the topic.

During the roundtable, we cover questions such as:

  • What is a Trusted Integrator?
  • What should you be looking for in a Trusted Integrator?
  • Is a Trusted Integrator really needed?
  • How important is it to choose the right Trusted Integrator?
  • What questions should you ask NSA CSfC Trusted Integrators?
  • What kind of qualifications should an NSA CSfC Trusted Integrator have?



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