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Empowering Trusted Integrators with CSfC-Approved Remote Infrastructure Support That Exceeds the NSA’s Security Standards. 


Compliance with security measures shouldn’t keep you from getting the job done. 


As of late, contracted trusted integrators have grappled with remote work limitations that keep them out of the required networks they must access to complete their work. When it comes to working for government entities like the military, Department of Defense, or the FBI, trusted integrators are external vendors, and must adhere to rigid network infrastructure security regulations, which have historically made remote work impossible.


To avoid interruption in their business, Trusted Integrators need a strong, CSfC-approved remote infrastructure that gives them the power to access their clients’ networks securely no matter where they are. 


As a trusted integrator, how can you provide NSA-approved specific solutions via secure remote network access that allows you to work from anywhere when serving sensitive clients like government entities?







Problem #1

In the classified space, trusted integrators are facing more and more interruptions in their business thanks to work-from-home requirements that shut off their access to dedicated, in-person networks. Without access to these central locations, trusted integrators can’t gain access to top-secret and classified networks, and their work (and profits) comes to a halt.


Problem #2

Trusted integrators often must relocate to work on classified government projects that call for CSfC-approval and NSA-level clearance. This often means that they have to turn down projects or hire new, regional talent while underutilizing their existing team.


Archon provides CSfC-approved, NSA-specific support for Trusted Integrators at any stage of their work to connect remotely.
As a Trusted Integrator, Archon is not your competitor; we’re your ally as an NSA-specific provider that can help you tackle any kind of CSfC solution as an extension of your team. Get remote access with classified-level capabilities and the highest level of security to do what you do best.


Provision Faster So You Can Get to Work.

We work as part of your team to help dial up your operations and even set up a larger CSfC installation, then let you take over from there. With our plug-and-play solutions, you can set up your IT infrastructure in no time so you can perform mission-critical work from anywhere.


Set Up and Monitor Endpoints

We have the tools and processes to help establish your CSfC-approved gateways and manage all endpoints in the field. GoSilent Cube provides mobile access and an external VPN that holds up to NSA requirements.


Utilize Our Existing Infrastructure

Make the most of Archon’s existing reference architecture, and have trust knowing it’s already been deployed and registered. You enjoy faster deployment and lower initial labor costs.


Spend Less Time on Paperwork.

With an existing, Trusted Integrator-ready reference architecture in place, 80% of your paperwork is already done for you. What’s more, the NSA has already approved similar submissions. This means you have more time to spend on mission-critical tasks and less time needed for red tape.



Get Help with Retransmission.

Archon and Attila are proud to offer SideArm, the world’s only integrated retransmission device, which makes retransmission a one-step process. You don’t need to manage and monitor a second retransmission device for your phone or laptop.


Enjoy One-Step Logins. 

A secure, CSfC-approved infrastructure doesn’t have to mean a complicated login process for you and your team. We make it easy for you to navigate multiple VPNs to get to your desired domain.


Update End-User Devices Remotely.

We make it easy for you to update remotely so you never have to return end-user devices for certificate renewals or firmware updates. With Archon Manager for Over the Air Updates, you can manage updates from where you are.


Expand Your Portfolio.

Archon Secure gives you both enterprise-class and tactical products that give you the ability to offer more services to your clients, including managed attribution and obfuscation solutions, and better connectivity at low rates.

Security You Can Trust.
Secure enough for National Security, while still simple to use and cost-effective commercially. Our encryption methods are trusted and certified for use by the NSA for classified data, so you can trust GoSilent to keep your communications and data secure, even when shared with third parties.

CSfC Approved

Archon GoSilent Cube delivers a CSfC-certified, plug-and-play security solution for classified and unclassified communication when using the public Internet.



NIAP Certified

Approved by the government for use in National Security Systems to handle classified data for the DoD, the Intelligence community and any DoD contractors or affiliates.


CNSA Encryption

Built with Commercial National Security Algorithm (CNSA) Suite level encryption, the most secure encryption solution in the marketplace.


FIPS Compliant

Approved for use by federal government departments that collect, store, transfer, share and disseminate sensitive but unclassified (SBU) information.

Part of Your Team

As a Trusted Integrator, you can get any kind of support with Archon and Attila to make your work simpler. Whatever you have imagined, we can help. Even if you already handle managed attributions or are just looking for provisioning support, we can work alongside your team to scale your existing operations and help you better serve your NSA-backed clients while making the most of your existing team wherever you are. 


We’re here to provide the services you need—whatever that means for you as a Trusted Integrator. Set up a secure infrastructure for your next project venture, manage remote network endpoints, or scale your services to offer exciting new services. Whatever it is, we’re here for you. 

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