Archon Manager

Archon Manager

Fully automated enterprise device and certificate management – anytime, anywhere.

Fully automated enterprise device and certificate management – anytime, anywhere


Obtaining CSfC-compliance means satisfying the NSA requirement of EUD certificates being re-keyed on an annual basis, and commonly involves long wait times and complicated device transport protocols. 


Of course, the same process must be used whenever a laptop or a retransmission device (RD) requires a security update or patch, which typically happens numerous times throughout the year.


Simplify CSfC compliance with Archon Manager


Unlike CSfC-compliant solutions of the past, Archon Manager empowers organizations and agencies to manage thousands of CSfC-compliant devices as simply as a single device with automated, over-the-air (OTA) updates. It is also approved by the NSA.


And, in cases where a laptop or mobile device running Archon Manager is lost, it can be remotely wiped in real-time, minimizing the risk of sensitive or classified information falling into the wrong hands.

Enterprise Configuration Management Platform

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Simplify CSfC Compliance
Automate NSA re-keying requirements for EUD certificates.
Make It Easy for IT
Save hundreds of admin hours with automated OTA software updates.
Less Hassle for Field Assets
Field assets don’t need to bring laptops to home base for updates.
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The Archon Manager Difference

  • Set required renewal date cadences for personnel who don’t use their laptops weekly to avoid lapses in compliance.
  • Update retransmission devices over-the-air instead of requiring field personnel to install the updates themselves.
  • Immediately wipe compromised laptops remotely if it is lost or suspected as being in unauthorized care.
  • Install security patches in real-time instead of having to wait for personnel to return their devices, minimizing risk.
  • Update devices even when personnel are in DDIL environments as interrupted updates will continue rather than restarting.
What is CSfC?

The U.S. government increasingly requires the immediate use of the market’s most advanced commercial hardware and software technologies within National Security Systems (NSS) to achieve mission objectives.

That’s why NSA/CSS has established the Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) program: To leverage commercial products for layered solutions that protect restricted NSS information.

Utilizing innovations from the commercial marketplace allows U.S. government agencies to securely communicate through systems that can be deployed in the field in months, not years.

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What Level of Secure Connection Do I Need?

Building the right infrastructure for secure communications is never a one-size-fits-all project. The types of information, who you are, who you’re communicating to, and how secure the connection needs to be all play huge roles in determining the right blend of technology to support your needs.

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