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Secure File Sharing
Made Simple.

Ideal for organizations looking to secure data and information shared with third parties, GoSilent Share is a secure, cloud-based file sharing and collaboration solution. Built to provide true, end-to-end data security, using encryption strong enough for controlled unclassified (CUI) level protection, GoSilent Share is secure enough for every organization.


Quickly, Easily, and Securely Share Information with Partners


Make the weakest link in your cybersecurity chain iron-clad. Secure access to your data so that you can freely share it with third parties, but rest assured it won’t go anywhere else.


Rated for controlled unclassified (CUI) level protection

FIPS 140-2 Level 2 validated data storage

AES 256-bit encryption

NIAP-approved IPSec VPN tunnel encrypted with CNSA Suite algorithms

IP obfuscation

Full Ownership


With GoSilent Share, you own all of the data and completely control access and segmentation. There's no relying on third-party hosts or third-party providers.

 You own the data and control access and segmentation (no third party providers)



A Simpler, More Cost-Effective Solution

When combined with GoSilent Cube, using a single vendor for both your data in-transit security and data at-rest security significantly simplifies setup and lowers your total cost of ownership.

It can seamlessly integrate into your environment regardless of your current servers, operating systems, or tools in place. 


GoSilent Cube protects data in-transit

GoSilent Share protects data at-rest

Hardware and software combined in a single solution.


Supports Azure, AWS or any other cloud provider

Supports a full range of mobile and desktop devices



Separate Access

GoSilent offers the ability to configure the system to separate and isolate each of your third parties so they can access only the data you want them to.

Multi-tenant architecture

Scalable and redundant

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How It Works

Archon GoSilent Share


Designed to be fully controlled and managed by the organization, the GoSilent Share platform combines the award-winning GoSilent Cube, the world’s smallest portable firewall, VPN, and Wifi hotspot, with GoSilent Server. 

gosilent share


Together, they create a NIAP-approved IPSec VPN tunnel, fully encrypted with CNSA algorithms to secure all data in-transit, as well as storage for encrypted structured and unstructured data at-rest.

Complete Control. Maximum Visibility.

Permissions and privileges are managed and monitored by you. Easily grant or deny access for data transfer and access to store and retrieve encrypted data.


A "single pane of glass" administrative view provides visibility into the entire system while empowering you to quickly and easily provision portals for new partners.

You’ll have full access to audit trails, providing greater transparency into user behavior and information around which records have been transferred, accessed, modified, deleted or ex-filtrated, and by whom.


The Archon difference

Quickly and Easily Provision New Users

Administrative ability for single touch provisioning.
set role
Ability to Set Roles/Permisions

The ability to set organizational or unit permissions and policy.
Specify Access

The ability to specify access by company, individual, device, etc.
cloud log
Full Access to Cloud Logs

“Single pane of glass” view in to audit trails and end user behavior.

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