Simplifying Supply Chain Security

Secure access to your systems for external vendors and third parties


Third parties no longer have to be your weakest security link.

Your supply chain is one of the hardest things to secure. You must rely on the security promises of each of your vendors, and managing multiple vendors multiplies the problem.


Balancing effective collaboration with locked-down security is nearly impossible. As organizations look to tighten up supply chain security, they run into a few key problems:


So, how can you work closely with third party vendors but still maintain the highest levels of security for your own data?






Problem #1

Allowing access to your network and data in a way that you can be sure is secure, without simply relying on the promises of your vendors.


Problem #2

Making collaboration simple and seamless so as to keep projects moving forward at the right pace.


The GoSilent Platform is approved for up to Top Secret level communications with your vendors.
Get the highest levels of security, with simple and effective collaboration tools, all for a price tag that makes sense.


File Sharing Capabilities.

Secure access to your data so that you can freely share it with third parties, but rest assured it won’t go anywhere else.


Secure Over Any Connection.

Secure over any network including public wifi and connection points with Captive Portals.


Easy for Vendors to Use.

GoSilent Cube can be set up in just minutes with simple plug-and-play functionality. No technical administrator is required to set or configure the device.


Full Data Ownership.

You own all of the data and completely control access and segmentation. There's no relying on third-party hosts or third-party providers.



Separate Access.

GoSilent offers the ability to configure the system to separate and isolate each of your third parties so they can access only the data you want them to.


Made to Fit Your Architecture.

Flexible setup and configuration means that no matter what your current set-up, a GoSilent Virtual Server can be quickly and easily spun up in your environment.


CNSA Level Encryption.

Built to CSNA Encryption standards and approved by the NSA to protect information at a classified, top-secret level.


Top Secret Level Security.

NIAP certified solution for classified and unclassified communication.

Security You Can Trust.
Secure enough for National Security, while still simple to use and cost-effective commercially. Our encryption methods are trusted and certified for use by the NSA for classified data, so you can trust GoSilent to keep your communications and data secure, even when shared with third parties.

CSfC Approved

Archon GoSilent Cube delivers a CSfC-certified, plug-and-play security solution for classified and unclassified communication when using the public Internet.



NIAP Certified

Approved by the government for use in National Security Systems to handle classified data for the DoD, the Intelligence community and any DoD contractors or affiliates.


CNSA Encryption

Built with Commercial National Security Algorithm (CNSA) Suite level encryption, the most secure encryption solution in the marketplace.


FIPS Compliant

Approved for use by federal government departments that collect, store, transfer, share and disseminate sensitive but unclassified (SBU) information.

An Enterprise Secures its Supply Chain

A fortune-100 enterprise seeks a secure solution to maintain security network when sharing data across a vast network of supply-chain partners.

supply-chain-security (1)

The Problem


Large enterprises rely on vast, smoothly functioning supply chains—featuring upstream and downstream partners who may themselves work with second- or third-tier partners—in order to get their goods or services to customers.


Large enterprises rely on vast, smoothly functioning supply chains—featuring upstream and downstream partners who may themselves work with second- or third-tier partners—in order to get their goods or services to customers.


Those responsible for maintaining the digital security of supply chains typically consider three ways of overcoming these challenges:


  • Prohibiting the use of unclassified network communications;
  • Issuing devices re-configured to thwart cyber threats; or
  • Implementing an add-on solution.

The Solution


The enterprise can mitigate the threats along its supply chain by requiring its partners to implement an agile, simple and highly secure solution: GoSilent.


GoSilent filters all internet and data traffic and denies unsolicited data requests. It offers protection from cyber attacks, identity theft and malware.


It offers the following key advantages:


  • High Security
  • Cloud Security
  • Ease of Use
  • Portability
  • Invisibility
  • Isolation
  • Affordability



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