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Secure mobile solutions that adapt to an evolving threat landscape.

Today’s workforces are increasingly dependent on mobile devices to tackle remote work demands. To meet the risks head-on requires more than just robust security policies; it requires hardware and software that works together to keep sensitive and classified data safe and secure.


The NSA created the Commercial Solution for Classified (CSfC) Mobile Access Capability Package (MA CP) to help guide the next generation of secure technology.

Unfortunately, devices built under this framework often sacrifice convenience for security. This complicates real-world applications, scalability, and overall usability.   


With Archon Mobile, we built a secure mobile device from the ground up with CSfC MA CP guidelines at the platform’s core. Our mobile offering keeps end-users safe without sacrificing convenience — all within a customizable security environment.

Hardware and Software Working Together:

A mobile operating system built for security

With Archon Mobile, it all starts with a custom-built version of Alt OS. We work to strip away the security threats inherent in everyday smartphones to create a device that won’t share data without your permission. This all happens with familiar software that users will instantly understand.
Customizable for different security environments

While Archon Mobile integrates perfectly with classified data environments, our custom-built security offering can bring this level of protection to any enterprise-level organization. With today’s threat landscape, keeping sensitive data safe is more than just a concern for governmental organizations and the defense sector.
Isolating work activity from personal

Separate work activity from personal with user personas. In this environment, end users can engage with work-related applications and sensitive information in a secure container isolated from everything outside the persona. In the event of a security compromise, an attacker won’t have the ability to navigate outside of the isolated environment — keeping users and secure data safe.
Let’s Dive in Deeper

A Custom Mobile Device Built for Security and Convenience


Since our platform is based on the popular Android OS, end-users can use their smartphone just like they would at home.



Customize and configure Archon Mobile to fit into your mobile device security strategy without sacrificing anything.


No more unauthorized background data collection. When our device is off, we really mean it. 



Personnel need little or no training because security does not alter the user experience. The Archon Mobile platform can easily integrate with your business workflow with no restrictions on the types of applications users can have on their devices.


The Archon Mobile Difference:

Works with Current MDM

Archon Mobile can operate alongside your existing mobile device management strategy. This makes enterprise-level deployments of our platform seamless.
Control the Environment

Archon Mobile creates a familiar environment where security control happens behind the scenes. All the user sees is a streamlined mobile experience.
Easy Integrations

The Archon Mobile platform easily integrates with other mobile devices security products like Archon Sidearm to provide extra security in certain classified data environments.
Containerized Personas

Mobile devices are great pivot points for attackers to access larger systems. With our containerized personas, the ability to manipulate device vulnerability and user behavior are virtually non-existent.
What is CSfC?

The U.S. government increasingly requires the immediate use of the market’s most advanced commercial hardware and software technologies within National Security Systems (NSS) to achieve mission objectives.

That’s why NSA/CSS has established the Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) program: To leverage commercial products for layered solutions that protect restricted NSS information.

Utilizing innovations from the commercial marketplace allows U.S. government agencies to securely communicate through systems that can be deployed in the field in months, not years.

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What Level of Secure Connection Do I Need?

Building the right infrastructure for secure communications is never a one-size-fits-all project. The types of information, who you are, who you’re communicating to, and how secure the connection needs to be all play huge roles in determining the right blend of technology to support your needs.

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