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Streamline Supply Chain Security

Streamlining supply chain security & remote work for DoD contractors. Top secret level communications through a CSfC-approved solution.


Remote access to your network doesn’t have to be insecure.


With the advent of the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC), Department of Defense (DoD) contractors are now subject to increasingly stringent cybersecurity and supply chain security standards.

As DoD contractors are working to meet CMMC requirements, they are running into a couple of key problems:

So, how can you quickly and securely outfit your network for remote access that meets CMMC standards?








Problem #1

They need to make sure their suppliers and vendors can access data in their network without compromising their security posture.


Problem #2

Their team needs remote access to their network from multiple locations around the world.

The GoSilent Platform is a CSfC-approved solution for up to Top Secret level communications.
Get the highest levels of security, with minimal maintenance and setup, all for a price tag that makes sense.


Top Secret Level Security

NIAP certified solution for classified and unclassified communication.


Secure Over Any Connection.

Secure over any network including public wifi and connection points with Captive Portals.


Easy to Use.

GoSilent Cube can be set up in just minutes with simple plug-and-play functionality. No technical administrator is required to set or configure the device.


Simple to Set Up & Manage.

A secure virtual server that can be set up and running in under 10 minutes, GoSilent Server virtually eliminates the need for centralized IT support for configuration and activation.


Highly Portable

GoSilent meets the NSA criteria for mobile access and can be used from anywhere.


Made to Fit Your Architecture.

Flexible setup and configuration means that no matter what your current set-up, a GoSilent Virtual Server can be quickly and easily spun up in your environment.


CNSA Level Encryption.

Built to CSNA Encryption standards and approved by the NSA to protect information at a classified, top secret level.


File Sharing Capabilities.

Secure access to your data so that you can freely share it with third parties, but rest assured it won’t go anywhere else.

Security You Can Trust.
Secure enough for National Security, while still simple to use and cost-effective commercially. Our encryption methods are trusted and certified for use by the NSA for classified data, so you can trust GoSilent to keep your communications secure.

CSfC Approved

Archon GoSilent Cube delivers a CSfC-certified, plug-and-play security solution for classified and unclassified communication when using the public Internet.



NIAP Certified

Approved by the government for use in National Security Systems to handle classified data for the DoD, the Intelligence community and any DoD contractors or affiliates.


CNSA Encryption

Built with Commercial National Security Algorithm (CNSA) Suite level encryption, the most secure encryption solution in the marketplace.


FIPS Compliant

Approved for use by federal government departments that collect, store, transfer, share and disseminate sensitive but unclassified (SBU) information.

DoD Agency Secures its Supply Chain

The Agency sought the most affordable, agile, secure, and high-bandwidth VPN tunneling and network intelligence solution for use at the edge.


The Problem

As part of daily operations, the U.S. Government Defense Agency sends and receives communications from suppliers and partners across the globe. These communications contain sensitive information critical to the Agency’s mission.


The Agency does not control supplier or partner equipment and relies on the end user to adhere to established security policies. Unfortunately, most suppliers do not have the security personnel or robust security systems to thwart sophisticated or nation state attacks.

The Solution


Rather than restrict the use of Internet networks and lose the advantages of speed, convenience and security, the Agency sought an agile, simple and highly secure solution to modernize their legacy infrastructure.


The GoSilent Firewall and VPN was determined to be the easiest-to-configure and most portable hardware VPN solution to secure the data transport and site-to-site network communications from suppliers’ personnel in the field.

  • Highly Secure

  • Plug-and-Play

  • Portable

  • Invisible

  • Isolated

  • Affordable


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